When tutoring is necessary and how much time should you spend?

What method is recommend to begin the tutoring sessions?

Every child is different so how often they should attend depends on age and subject. We recommend each child starts with one session. After the first session the tutor is able to get a better gauge on the student and recommended to the parent how many sessions they think would be appropriate. We always keep in mind the age of the child as younger children are going to get burned out coming to often and tutoring will not be as effective. High school students can usually pull off more tutoring as their attention span and what is required of them is more than with younger children.

What is a good routine and how can you give the tutor the opportunity to do a proper follow up?

One of the most frequent questions we get is what should my child bring to tutoring. We suggest having them bring everything. Bringing good grades as well as bad grades helps the tutor to see what your child’s strengths and weaknesses are. I tell parents who have teenagers to just have them bring their entire backpack because we all know important things are not always in their binder where they should be, but shoved at the bottom of their bag. Doing this can help the tutor get a better understanding of your child’s needs quicker.

What if a student is significantly behind?

No student is too far behind that we can’t help them get back track. Several students feel they are in a hole they can’t seem to dig their way out of. Individual tutoring is perfect for someone that needs extra attention and help filling in gaps. Sometimes parents think their child is much farther behind then they really are. Many times it has to do with the child’s confidence and once we can get that back up we see them thrive with everything they do. Noticing when your child begins to struggle and offering help right away is the most important step. Teach your children it’s okay to get tutoring, it is okay to seek out help when you need it. This will be a valuable lesson throughout life.

What about when end of term exams are around the corner? More sessions? Group sessions?

The end of the semester can bring about a ton of stress for both students and parents. Many students tend to add in an extra individual session as well as attend one of our extra long cram review sessions. Group classes and individual classes both have their advantages and a mixture of both the week before exams can be extremely helpful. Some students are afraid of group classes, but they can really be fantastic to hear other peoples questions and also get yours answered. Our hour and a half review sessions are ideal for anyone looking to get help with their review and get any questions answered they may have.

Is one hour enough? Is it too much? How long should a tutoring session last?

After doing a lot of research and many many tutoring sessions we have found 45 min is the ideal time for a normal tutoring session. It is about all the time you can hold someones attention. We want to make sure the time students are with us are spent in the most effective manor. Our group review sessions are always a little longer (1.5 hours) as these are cram sessions and are only held once a semester right before mid-terms and finals.

Is it preferable to have the meetings at home or at school? At the library or at the coffee shop on the corner? Online?

Each child is different, but after meeting with many different families over the years we have found meeting at a different location then the child is use to is the best. If the child were to have a tutor come to their home they may be to comfortable or hungry etc. Meeting at school is hard, but it continues the child’s school day and this has been shown to have negative effects and shut the brain down. We offer a comfortable store front location that your child can come to and know they are going to succeed and become the best person they can when they walk through the door.

Tips for best outcome:

Be well rested,

Be prepared,

Stay organized,

Good communication is key,

and have a positive and willing attitude to succeed!

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