You need to prepare for ACT and SAT now!

You 100% need to prep for ACT and SAT right now!!

Here are 7 Reasons that you should take prep classes for the ACT and SAT exams!


1. Admission to your top choice school.

Many schools now will automatically admit students not only in the top 10%. Many schools like Texas A&M and Texas Tech offer admission with your GPA and ACT or SAT score. These schools require you be in the top 25% with a minimum score on the ACT or SAT. Make sure to research your schools rules to see what minimum score you will need for automatic admissions.

2. Boost your ACT and SAT Score.

The world we live in today is very competitive and you are taking the ACT or SAT to stand out from the other students. You want to put your best foot forward and show colleges what you are capable of. Having a higher test score mixed with a good GPA will guarantee you colleges you want as well as some financial freedom when it comes to paying for college.

ACT and SAT scores can be a good way to increase your chances of getting into a school of your choice if your grades slipped a little one year and knocked you down in the class rank. By taking some time to increase your score you could be moving yourself way up the list in terms of admissions.

3. Develop test-taking strategies.

Test-taking strategies can help you in all aspects of school, but most importantly with the ACT and SAT. Both of these tests have simple tricks that if known can help raise your score.  Some test-taking strategies seem simple and ones that everyone should know, but others are more difficult and are very specific to the ACT or SAT, knowing these ahead of time can greatly increase your chances of scoring higher.

4. Build your confidence and lower anxiety.

For many students taking test comes with tons of anxiety and stress especially one that has so much riding on it. Having a prep class can help student alleviate the stress involved with the test as they will see a sample test and learn all the strategies needed to feel successful.

Many students become overwhelmed by these tests because they are unfamiliar with them. By taking a prep class you become more familiar not only with the material on the test, but also the structure. Knowing what you are walking into helps a lot and can help increase students scores.

5. Could qualify you for a scholarship.

Who doesn’t want free money? Scholarships are the best way to go to college, have someone else pay for it. Some scholarships are athletic based, some are based on talents, but many are based on academics. Having a great ACT or SAT score can greatly improve your chances of getting funding for college from somewhere else other than your parents pocket book!

I found some great information on scholarships and how much certain schools offer at this site:

 Always make sure you start early looking for scholarships as some have early deadlines.

6. Effects approval for financial aid.

Higher scores can increase a students chances of receiving more financial aid. Financial aid officers see students as more desirable if they have higher test score and are willing to offer them more money.

7. Better job opportunities.

 Not every student that graduates from high school is going straight to college. Many students choose to go to a trade school or go right into working a full time job. For students that are going to a trade school or full time job employers are going to want to see your ACT or SAT score to see how well you did. A higher score could set you up with a better starting position or even a high salary.