Stressed out child

Three mistakes parents make when their child is struggling at school!


1. Checking kids grades constantly causes anxiety.

Some of the pressures kids are under at home can make things worse.

Kids have a ton of activities now-a-days and also with social media our children are feeling the pressure. No child wants to feel as though they are failing or struggling with something. Many children want to ask for help, but don’t know the right way to ask or feel they will be judged for doing so. Removing that pressure and setting a time each day or every other day (I find the best time is in the car on the way to activities) to discuss everything going on with them including grades is a wonderful way to open up the lines of communication and help them be heard and seek out help if needed.

Parents stressing out their kids

2. Don’t fix it!

Every child is going to struggle at some point, heck every adult does too.

When our child starts to struggle our nature is to immediately try and fix it for them. We as parents need to realize fixing the problem for them is doing more harm then good. We need to help them, but to do that we need to give them the tools they need to get through whatever they are struggling with. If your child is starting to not want to talk about school or doesn’t come home with papers they are proud of this may be a red flag. Naturally people want to hold in what they are ashamed of and not share it with anyone for fear of being judged. If you notice your child not as happy with school you may need to step in and offer some help. Remember every child is going to struggle, getting them the help they need is going to help their confidence and make sure they don’t fall to far behind.


Protective mom


3. Don’t underestimate their ability to communicate their needs.

Get your child’s opinion and let them take ownership in their learning.

If you notice any of the above things or your child tells you they are struggling first thing to do it figure out what they are struggling with. Are they struggling socially? Are they struggling with school work? math? English? etc. Then talk with them about why they feel they are struggling and how long they have been feeling this way. Talking with your child and letting them have some ownership in their struggles and how to fix them will help tremendously. If they are struggling academically tutoring may be a great option. Carney’s offers pay as you go tutoring so if your child just needs a few sessions to get back up on their feet, we can help with that. If it something they are going to need weekly for a semester we can help with that too. The main thing is to get your child involved.

Father and son talking